About Rehab Smarter

Rehab Smarter is a group of highly experienced, licensed, practicing clinicians who are passionate about providing comprehensive, exemplary care. Constant increasing demands imposed from health insurance companies have frequently challenged our ability to provide quality patient care.  We were striving to find a new way to provide services that focus on the client and reaching people who otherwise would not be able to access services,  and so Rehab Smarter was developed.

Our unique approach to telehealth allows us to collaborate with other experienced clinicians and ensure your needs, concerns, preferences, and treatment goals are fully met.  It allows us to do what we do best – helping you.

Rehab Smarter is especially committed to helping reach clients:

  • who have maximized their coverage for services before they have achieved their goals reach their maximum potential.
  • who simply would rather perform it in their own home and on their own schedule.
  • in rural areas with limited or no access to local outpatient facilities.
  • who cannot physically get out to receive clinical services or where going out is difficult.

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