Can You Say Vestibular?

Falling or unsteady? It may be your vestibular system.  Maintaining balance relies on your eyes, muscles, joints, sensory system and vestibular system providing accurate and adequate sensory information to the brain and the brain providing an appropriate motor response.  The Vestibular System, found in the inner ear, works with the visual system to keep objects in focus when the head is moving.  An analogy I like to use is a gyroscope.  The body does everything it can to remain upright.






Yet even if some of the external input is not there (be it from disease, weakness, neuropathy/sensory loss, neurological diseases, visual loss, medication issues etc) the vestibular system can be strengthened using exercises involve head movement that stimulate and retrain the vestibular system and teaching compensatory strategies.   Although it is an easy treatment to perform and teach, many Physical and Occupational Therapists fail to address this critical component, and the client does not restore their balance completely.  Most clients, even those that have been falling daily, have been able to restore their balance with these simple exercises, allowing them to walk safely and independently again without falls.

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