Care Coordinators and Disease Management Specialists

Over the past few years more and more insurance companies and doctor’s offices are using care coordinators that help bridge the gap between the patient and the doctor, providing ongoing monitoring and education.   Often skilled nurses, these specialists in chronic disease management, help patients navigate the maze of their multiple illnesses, doctor appointments, medications, and other clinicians to keep them well.  By sharing the information among all the participants involved, safer and more effective care can be delivered.

Care coordinators provide the essential link between the patient and their healthcare providers, monitoring and evaluating the care that is delivered and ensuring the client is receiving the appropriate health care to maximize their health.  Disease management specialists educate and empower their patients to manage their chronic diseases to reduce the confusion and overwhelming choices they need to make every day to stay well.

Patients with multiple chronic illnesses have more fragile systems and a myriad of issues.  Their needs are more complex and they are more at risk to be hospitalized.  Since many signs and symptoms of one disease process can be similar to another and subtle at first, good care coordination between medical professionals helps quickly identify and prevent unnecessary exacerbations.


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