Do You Need a Speech Therapist?

Have you gotten pneumonia more than once the past year?  Are you are coughing or choking on liquids, especially thin liquids?  You may be aspirating, a term used when liquids go down your airway instead of your esophagus.  Tell your doctor.  They may ask you to see a speech therapist.  The Speech Therapist can see if your airway is properly protected when you swallow and teach you how to protect your airway, if so.

Do you have Parkinson’s Disease and friends and family say your talking is very soft or quiet?  Our Speech Therapists are trained in a special treatment program “Big and Loud” that will help you bring your speech volume back to normal.

Do you or a loved one have memory or cognitive issues?  Speech Therapists can teach you compensatory strategies and tools to remember and teach care providers how to help you.

Speech Therapists can also help overcome writing and learning difficulties too.  They are communication experts for all ages.  If you or your child or other loved one have difficulty with fluency, articulation, and/or voice (vocal quality) they can help.

See how our Speech Therapists can help you today.


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