This clinically proven, evidence-based, progressive exercise and balance program has been shown to reduce the incidence of falls up to 40% even 6 months after the program has ended!

Delivered by an OTAGO certified physical therapist the program consists of:

  • 6 – 8 telehealth visits over a year period
  • Strength & balance & a walking program
  • Telephone follow up calls to increase compliance

OTAGO was specifically designed for community-dwelling older adults who are able to ambulate independently with or without an assistive device in the household or any older person* that wants to remain active and avoid the negative impacts of balance problems as much as possible.  Although the OTAGO program is a series of standardized exercises, a physical therapist is needed to properly assess the client and modify and progress the program to that individual’s chronic conditions or needs to remain challenging, yet safe.  Other fall prevention and home safety concerns will also be addressed.

Hear about the program from an expert: Audio Interview with Tiffany Shubert, PhD, MPT, Falls Prevention Expert

Move safer, live better.


*If after initial screening, the individual is not yet quite ready for the program we suggest our other Physical Therapy sessions first to become an appropriately stronger and ambulatory candidate to begin the program.


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