Physical Therapy

Physical Therapists restore muscular, pulmonary, and cardiac strength; muscular control, motor function, range of movement, balance, fall reduction, and reduce pain.  They are specifically trained to evaluate and treat neonates to elderly adults with physical or cognitive deficits.  While primarily addressing deficits that affect motor function (including but not limited to falls, weakness, spasticity, contractures, pain, developmental delays, shortness of breath, posture, cardiac and pulmonary diseases) they are also trained at preventing re-injury or further decline.

They also help healthy persons develop fitness and wellness programs aimed at preventing injuries, enhance performance, and encouraging a more active and healthy lifestyle.  Although some Physical Therapy needs to be hands-on (and not appropriate for telerehab), much of Physical Therapy is typically and successfully provided through education, supervision, and demonstration to the patient or their care provider.

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