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Our clinical staff can address any physical or cognitive issue, from neonates to geriatrics.  We are passionate about improving as well as preventing problems, and educating you.  What you don’t know CAN hurt you.  The more you know, the better you can optimize your health and well being.

Maybe everything is going just fine, but you would like to reduce your dialect, prevent back and postural problems, learn more about your disease to prevent or minimize problems, or keep your arthritis from becoming disabling.  Or maybe you want to become more fit, or tweak your exercise regime or diet.  Rehab Smarter can do it all.

Still not sure?  See if you can do these simple challenges below.

ANY normal, healthy adult of ANY age should be able to perform the below tasks safely and independently without significant pain.

  1. Put on your own clothing, including undergarments, belts, shoes and socks, and fasten them securely.
  2. Groom yourself including brushing your teeth, bathing, shampooing and brushing/combing your hair, shaving, putting on makeup.
  3. Take a shower or a bath
  4. Prepare a simple meal.
  5. Safely swallow medications, liquids and solids of all textures, and chew your food without coughing or choking.
  6. Schedule and take your medications correctly.
  7. Coordinate your day and appointments.
  8. Be able to think clearly, pay attention, concentrate and remember and recall new information.
  9. Understand a conversation, and communicate orally and in writing clearly and effectively.
  10. Initiate speech and articulate words clearly so others can understand.
  11. Respond to information quickly.
  12. Think critically, plan, organize, and categorize information and problem solve.
  13. Balance a checkbook.
  14. Get up from the floor.
  15. Stand up and sit down from a regular height chair without using your hands safely.
  16. Go up and down one flight of steps without significant shortness of breath or difficulty.
  17. Negotiate a curb and ramp safely.
  18. Stand with your feet close together with your eyes closed for 10 seconds.
  19. Stand on one leg for 10 seconds.
  20. Walk/propel a wheelchair for 6 minutes continuously on a level surface without significant shortness of breath or difficulty.

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