Linda Yerardi


Linda Yerardi, MS RDN, CDE is a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) and Registered Dietitian (RDN). She received in  a Master of Science degree from James Madison University pursuing a degree in Nutrition & Health Sciences, where she learned to understand and practice healing and disease management through use of food.

Her career as a Registered Dietician allowed her to be involved in many different aspects of Nutrition in many settings including hospitals, Women, Infant and Children (WIC), eldercare facilities, fitness establishments, private practice, and medical companies.   She has worked with all age groups, from pediatric through geriatric.

In private practice, her clinical focus was treating obese patients and providing weight loss counseling, assistance with making important personal food-based healthcare decisions, developing healthier food plans and teaching reasonable behavioral changes that patients could implement to lower their risk for chronic diseases. Working at a Fitness Center alongside an exercise physiologist, Linda provided guidance on Nutrition and food choices for members wanting to achieve their fitness goals by combining exercise and nutrition. Linda has also taught classes at the local community college level in Middletown, VA and provided a weight loss program for a local Wellness Program for adults.

As a clinician treating patients in long-term care facilities, Linda was reminded how damaging and pervasive Diabetes can be.   She found that proper Diabetes management is complicated, individual and intense and requires a team approach and wanted to be a part of this team.  This motivated her to return to school and get advanced training to specialize as a Certified Diabetes Educator.

Over the past several years, Linda represented a pharmaceutical company specializing in Diabetes educating for healthcare professional on Diabetes management. Recently Linda returned to direct patient care to share her knowledge and skills via telehealth.

When not working, Linda enjoys cooking, reading, photography and being outdoors.

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