Patricia Roholt


Patricia Roholt is a Physical Therapist and Hand Therapist with over 35 years of clinical practice and more than 30 years as a specialist in Hand Therapy. Patricia is the President/Owner of Clinical Specialty Education  and has written and produced four two-day courses on various topics concerning hand rehabilitation – which is her passion.

In addition to teaching, Patricia also has an extensive clinical background in her 39 years as a Physical Therapist! As a hand therapist, she has had the opportunity to work with a variety of orthopedic and plastic surgery hand specialists in multiple locations in Florida, Minnesota, and California. Prior to becoming a hand therapist,  and more recently for the past 2 years,  she has worked in both  out-patient physical therapy clinics as well as in long term care settings giving her an extremely  diverse clinical background.

Ms. Roholt is a 1978 graduate of the University of Minnesota School of Physical Therapy. She received her certification in hand therapy in 1991 and maintains this certification currently.

When not working,  Patricia enjoys gardening, dancing, painting, and exercise!

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