Diabetes Management

Diabetes occurs when blood glucose (sugar) builds up and can’t get into cells to be used for energy. People who have yet to receive the proper diagnosis may be seeking diabetes management care because of a build-up of symptoms such as frequent urination, unexplained weight loss, fatigue, and irritability.

Two of the main types of diabetes are Type 1 Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes. Those with Type 1 Diabetes don’t produce enough insulin, while those with Type 2 Diabetes initially don’t respond to insulin as well and later don’t make enough insulin. Pinpointing how exactly diabetes happens in the human body is a very prevalent topic in today’s world, as researchers and medical professionals dive deeper into the anatomy and science of it. Some findings have shown that diabetes may stem from genes, lifestyle factors such as lack of physical activity or poor nutrition, and a high body fat percentage.

How a diabetes management program can help patients 

The good news is that diabetes is a disease that can be managed with the right approach and care. Rehab Smarter’s Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE®), Linda Yerardi, possesses comprehensive knowledge of and experience in diabetes prevention, prediabetes condition, and diabetes management. 

As a CDE®, Linda creates and reinforces individualized behavioral and treatment goals to help reduce risks and optimize health outcomes. For anyone seeking diabetes management, she can assist by providing:

  • Guidance on nutrition and medication management
  • Insight into how to reduce risks associated with diabetes
  • Ways to cope with lifestyle and behavioral changes
  • Recommendations on an effective, safe exercise plan
How to begin working with Rehab Smarter

Rehab Smarter places a great emphasis on collaboration. The patient experience is the single utmost important piece of receiving assistance with diabetes management.

If you’re interested in connecting with Linda more about how to get started, please contact info@rehabsmarter.com.

Together, the two of you will work on improving your health and getting you to a place where you feel healthy and happy.

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