Occupational Therapy

Think of how the definition of “occupation ‘ is a job or profession. Occupational therapists help patients accomplish their everyday jobs or activities such as bathing, eating, and dressing. An occupational therapist is there to ensure that patients can get to the point of doing the things they want and need to do for themselves. The end goal of occupational therapy treatment is for patients to achieve independence and maintain a positive quality of life. By pursuing occupational therapy with Rehab Smarter, patients have the luxury of receiving advice from the comfort of their own home. All of Rehab Smarter’s services are offered via telehealth. 

What does an online occupational therapy session with Rehab Smarter look like? 

Occupational therapists utilize their expertise to improve fine motor skills, cognition, posture, reading and writing skills, sensory processing skills, and other motor and integration skills. Some examples of what may be of focus in an online occupational therapy session are: 

  • Compensatory strategies or equipment suggestions for basic tasks that are becoming or have become difficult such as eating, cooking, grooming, dressing, and homemaking skills
  • Communication plans for care providers about how to manage those with developmental and cognitive impairments
  • Supportive strategies to help alleviate the stress and emotional trauma of adjusting to these lifestyle changes or progressive disease.

How do I set up my first online occupational therapy appointment?

Getting started is simple. Rehab Smarter has two occupational therapists, Heather Huey and Christina McMormick, who have a wealth of experience in working with patients of all ages. To get started, please email info@rehabsmarter.com.

Rehab Smarter’s occupational therapists are determined to get you back to the point of feeling confident and comfortable with doing everyday activities. 

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