OTAGO Falls Prevention

Get to know OTAGO, a clinically proven exercise and balance program that can help reduce the incidence of falls in older adults. Rehab Smarter offers an easy-to-access online OTAGO Falls Prevention Program.

The importance of the OTAGO Falls Prevention Program

Falls are common events and oftentimes the serious consequences associated with them may be overlooked. A fall can create an increase in physical and mental stress. Physical symptoms include pain, bruising, lacerations, or fractures. Emotional symptoms include anxiety, depression, and changes to mood and memory. Even when no injury occurs, the fear of falling can live inside a person’s mind.

There are many at-home fall prevention techniques to incorporate such as improving lighting at home, reducing sleeping tablets, and increasing caution around stairs and steps. 

Rehab Smarter’s OTAGO Falls Prevention teaches those techniques and takes it one step further by incorporating physical and emotional exercises designed to rebuild physical strength and regain self-confidence. 

What is OTAGO like with Rehab Smarter? 

Rehab Smarter’s owner and founder, Jay Berger, is a certified OTAGO physical therapist. Anyone that is interested in working with her to improve strength and balance to reduce falls can expect to:

  • Partake in 6-8 telehealth visits over a year period 
  • Learn muscle strengthening and balance retraining exercises 
  • Walk away with a detailed personalized walking plan
  • Acquire knowledge about the connection between greater awareness of home safety and fewer falls
  • Receive follow-up calls to ensure that expectations are met and results are occurring 
Is OTAGO right for me?

OTAGO can be made right for you. The exercises are individually prescribed and changes to the program are dependent on patient progress. If you’re considering OTAGO as a way to recover from a previous fall and prevent another one from occurring, please connect with Rehab Smarter at info@rehabsmarter.com.

Our goal is to assist every step of the way of your health journey. 

Check out falls prevention exercises from the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy:

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