Registered Dietitian

person looking at a computer screen that reads "Calories." This image is on the Rehab Smarter page, a telehealth company that has an online registered dietitian.

There are many reasons people choose to work with a registered dietitian. A registered dietitian (RD) can assist with diabetes management, blood pressure regulation, digestive issues, pre/post natal care, eating disorders, food sensitivities/allergies, and weight management. Athletes and everyday people may also work with a registered dietitian to receive meal planning guidance and ensure proper nutrients are incorporated into their diet. A benefit of working with Rehab Smarter’s RD, Linda Yerardi, is that she works with clients over the phone or the internet. That means that clients are able to access her telehealth assistance and expertise at their own convenience. 

How a registered dietitian helps with diet 

tomatoes, pasta, and a spoon on a wooden table. This comes from the website, Rehab Smarter, which is a telehealth business that has an online registered dietitian program.Diet plays an important part in healing from inflammation as well as preventing inflammation. Registered dietitians are trained food and nutrition experts who can take their understanding of the science of nutrition and help patients make positive lifestyle and diet changes. Food is reiterated as medicine, one that’s packed with vitamins and minerals that can provide energy and healing properties to the body. Not everyone thrives off the same foods, which is why Linda works with clients of all ages to create a customized dietary plan that works best for them.

A customized dietary plan may include:

  • Reduction in carbonated and caffeinated drinks and sugary foods and drinks to manage weight and diabetes 
  • Limitations on trigger foods that may increase symptoms of acid reflux or food sensitivities/allergies
  • Restricted or increased calorie intake depending on weight management and sports performance goals 

How to set up the first appointment

Have working with a RD on your mind? To begin working with Linda, you can reach out to with your diet and nutritional goals you’re looking to achieve and when the best times are to work with one another. 

Rehab Smarter is dedicated to bettering your health, one meal at a time. 

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