Speech and Language Pathology

Blonde middle-aged woman overlooking a young girl on her computer. Page is for anyone interested in Rehab Smarter's online speech and language pathology service.Communication comes often through the five senses: touch, taste, sight, sound, and smell. If we hone in on sound, what comes to mind is how and what people speak. With words, people can express thoughts, feelings, and ideas. That’s why speech is so powerful and so important: people create connections through verbal communication. Rehab Smarter service, Online Speech and Language Pathology, helps people of all ages who are looking to improve their language processes and impairments. Rehab Smarter’s speech and language pathologist, Karen Sowers, has worked with patients for over 20 years to improve their voice and speech functions. 

What kind of patients does Rehab Smarter work with on speech and language pathology?

Speech and language pathologist, Karen Sowers, creates an individualized treatment plan that instills confidence and knowledge in the patient. Karen works with patients who have: 

  • Speech impediments and stutters 
  • Cognitive and linguistic impairments 
  • Developmental disorders that impact social interaction and communication such as autism and asperger’s 
  • Swallowing disorders that affect speech and eating
  • Had a stroke and are working on recovery 
  • A strong accent and have the desire to diminish it or adopt a new one
What are some ways to improve communication with others?

It’s important to address the how: how can we improve communication with others? In an online speech and pathology session with Karen, patients will discover how they can take what they’re learning in the session and apply it to real world situations. 

Here are some ways to improve communication with others:

  • Reduce background noises and distractions to remain fully engaged in the conversation
  • Use an age-appropriate tone of voice depending on who you’re talking to
  • Repeat yourself as needed to reiterate the message 
  • Put yourself in the shoes of others to allow for an improved communication experience 
How to set up a first appointment 

To get started with working with Karen, please reach out to info@rehabsmarter.com with what you’d like to work on one-on-one and what times you work best for you. 

Rehab Smarter is eager to assist with getting you back to a place where you can communicate efficiently with your loved ones, colleagues, friends, and family members.

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