“My husband suffers from Parkinson disease. He had a lot of anxiety about anyone taking or touching him. His muscles were so stiff that he could barely walk. Jay was considerate and compassionate. She was able to coax him into doing his exercises. This allowed him to gain his confidence back which I have not seen in a very large time.” Renee K.

“Jay taught me how to breathe better so I don’t get so short of breath when I walk.  I’ve had COPD for over 20 years and this is the first time I felt I actually could feel better.  I feel like I finally have some control over my body.  I was even able to get off my oxygen during the day!!” George S.

“Jay was incredibly successful in helping me navigate, not only the illness I was suffering from and the surgery that resulted, but she also gave me lifelong tips to help navigate My personal “rough days” in regards to epilepsy. Jay was intuitive, kind, an amazing listener, and a strong shoulder to Lean on when I needed one. she even took time out of her own life to help me fill out some paperwork that my sick and scattered brain was unable to wrap up on my own. My favorite part about Jay was that no matter what no she was taking or a conversation she was having with other clients she was always able to hear you, which is so important when you’re homebound. having a person that would respond to your text answer questions and just listen was in massive gift along with her skills at navigating bureaucracy and helping me get better! I am now able to do more and I’m still using the skills that she taught me to get better every day.  I am able to get up and down my stairs, take a shower, Even get all the way to the mailbox and this is after 5 months of being sick and unable to complete tasks on my own.  I am able to get up and down my stairs, take a shower, Even get all the way to the mailbox and this is after 5 months of being sick and unable to complete tasks on my own. Thank you, Jay, for your assistance and becoming independent once again and being one of the best physical therapists on the planet! In my humble opinion!”  Patience B

“My wife has Dementia and it was getting harder and harder to help her into the bathroom and shower her.  And she has fallen several times.  I got some great suggestions for equipment and modifications in our home I can make from the Occupational Therapist, and learned how to safely help her (and not hurt myself).”  John M.  

“I recently had hip replacement surgery and Jay came into work with me for my recovery PT. I was a little anxious not knowing what to expect, but Jay immediately put me at ease. She was very professional but very personable which made working with her very easy and pleasant. My recovery proceeded quickly and I have Jay to thank for that. I would absolutely recommend her to anybody that asks. Thanks Jay!!!”  Russell M.

“Karen helped me speak much more clearly and in a normal voice. My patients have all commented they can much better understand me.” Dr. C

“I have severe chronic pain (along with some other medical issues) and it’s hard for me to get out of the house.  I gave Rehab Smarter a try and I am so glad I did.  Not only did I learn how to better manage my pain, but it is also under control for the first time in years.  Now I can even leave my house to visit my grandkids.” Dawn R.

“When you enter your doctors office to receive the results of a muscle biopsy and are told you have Inclusion Body Myositis, a progressive disease [with] no cure, no drug or treatment available and there are so few cases in the world that no pharmaceutical company will invest research money without hope of profit be glad you have the support of family, doctors willing to explore all avenues of treatment, and a Physical Therapist trained in muscular therapy – this individual is essential in maintaining motion and stability.  It was my good fortune to have a doctor who recognized the necessity of physical therapy and secured the services of Jay Berger.  I am convinced that because of Jay’s commitment to design a [treatment] program to meet the demands of my individual circumstances I am still mobile and leading a reasonably “normal” life.  Without her knowledge, training, and commitment to my needs, I could very well be wheelchair-bound at this time.” Richard B  

“Jay is an amazing PT. Besides having an excellent understanding of anatomy & physiology, she’s an excellent diagnostician. She gave me proper exercises and knew exactly what I needed to improve my gait with my AFO. She also graciously gave her own time to educate/work with the engineer that made my brace. I highly recommend Jay and Rehab Smarter for your rehabilitation needs.”  Linda P

“Everyone who needs a physical therapist will never go wrong with this great person, Jay.  My husband suffered several strokes that left him with little balance and weakness on his left side. He also had other medical problems. What Jay does is amazing, she looks at all aspects of her clients’ needs before even starting therapy. Then she makes a plan and adjusts the plan as needed. Always being mindful of not only my husband needs but myself as well. She is kind, considerate and conscious while going about her profession. After having many different therapists, we found her getting the best results. We would recommend Jay to anyone needing help as she will get the job done.   In conclusion, if you find yourself in need of a physical therapist please give this wonderful person a call. You won’t go wrong.”  Fred and Carol


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